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Age Spots On Your Hands? Consider A Light Chemical Peel

by Art Bishop

Your hands tend to show signs of age more quickly than the rest of your body. This is partially because they're exposed to more sunlight and environmental toxins than the rest of your skin. One of the first manifestations of age on the hands tends to be age spots. These dark-colored patches can make you self-conscious about the appearance of your hands. Luckily, there is a simple way to make them less obvious: light chemical peels.

What is a light chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a treatment administered by a dermatologist. A special solution is applied to your skin, causing the outer layers of the skin to slough off. The deeper, younger, more even-toned skins are revealed. Chemical peels are classified according to depth. A deep chemical peel removes many layers of skin, whereas a light chemical peel only removes a thin layer of skin. In most cases, a light chemical peel is all you'll need to reduce the appearance of age spots on your hands. This is good news since the pain and recovery process are minimal with this type of chemical peel.

What happens when you arrive for your appointment?

Your dermatologist will look over your skin and ensure a light chemical peel is a safe and effective choice for you. Then, the chemical solution (which usually contains glycolic acid as an active ingredient) is applied to your hands. The entire hand or just part of your hand may be covered, depending on your needs. You'll wait a few minutes, and then your doctor will rinse the solution away with clear water. A light moisturizer may be applied to soothe your skin. You can return home or go back to the office as soon as the treatment is complete.

What is the recovery process like?

Your hands may be slightly red and dry for a few days after your light chemical peel, but most patients don't need to take any time off from work or drastically alter their activity levels. Applying a mild, unscented moisturizer and avoiding hot water should keep you comfortable. Once the redness goes away, you should notice that your age spots are less apparent.

The results of light chemical peels are not permanent, but they do last for several months. Wearing sunscreen on your hands may help slow down the re-appearance of age spots. Keep an eye on your hands, and when you notice the age spots popping up again, schedule an appointment for another light chemical peel.