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Improve Your Life: Give Up Shaving

by Art Bishop

As a woman, you have probably spent a significant portion of your life removing body hair the old-fashioned way: with a razor. This method is time-consuming, often painful, and sometimes injurious. In short, shaving is one of those unpleasant tasks that you perform in order to have smooth, silky skin. You can give up this daily job if you embrace other hair removal methods.


Experts say that women spend approximately 72 days out of their lives shaving their body hair, most particularly their legs. No matter how carefully you attack the job, you are likely to cut yourself, causing pain and occasionally an infection. You often end up with razor burn and unsightly red bumps on your legs and other areas. Worst of all, even the best shaving job gives you maybe 48 hours of relatively smooth skin, and that's only if you do not have particularly heavy hair growth. Short of giving up and letting your hair grow free and wild, a choice most women do not make, you can either shave or choose another hair-removal method. 


Waxing has been around for ages and can be done in the privacy of your own home or in a salon. If you choose to have your legs waxed, you can count on days or even weeks of smooth skin since the method involves pulling the hair out by the root. If you choose to wax regularly, the hair follicle may be damaged, meaning the hair may stop growing or come back thinner. Waxing has several serious drawbacks. It is painful, especially when it is performed on a sensitive area of the body. Your hair has to grow out a bit before it is waxed so that the wax can grip the hair. Waxing also can cost up around $25 just for a lower leg job. 


The best alternative to shaving is probably laser hair removal. Although it is somewhat expensive, costing approximately $235 per session, once you have undergone the treatment regimen, which may take place over four to six months, most if not all of the offending hair will be gone. You will not have to worry about your leg hair or mustache anymore. The pain is usually minimal, and the process is safe. Over the long term, you save money and much time when you have laser treatments. 

You can reclaim the time and energy you waste on shaving if you choose another hair removal method. If you invest in laser treatment, you will greatly reduce or even eliminate the need to groom your body hair, resulting in an astounding increase in your free time. You will also enjoy smooth, beautiful skin. 

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